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Handsome Mutt

Hospital Tour

  • Come on inside!
  • First floor treatment area and surgical suite
  • Digital x-ray system
  • A technician checks a sample
  • Second floor surgical suite
  • Second floor surgical prep area
  • Special procedures room, with ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and endoscopy
  • Second floor dental and surgical prep
  • First floor dental and treatment area
  • First floor dental and laboratory area
  • Checking for parasites with the microscope
Come on inside! First Floor Treatment Area and Surgical suite Digital X-ray System A Technician checks a sample Second Floor Surgical Suite Second Floor Surgical Prep Area Special Procedures Room, with Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, and Endoscopy Second Floor Dental and Surgical Prep First Floor Dental and Treatment Area First Floor Dental and Laboratory Area Checking for parasites with the microscope
“Dr. McCready is such a sweet and compassionate vet. You can tell she really cares for our dogs. She takes the time to examine our pets and explains everything in such great detail. She truly goes above and beyond our expectations. We also really like Dr. Ellis - she has been super helpful with our dogs as well. We can't imagine trusting any other place with our pups! I would definitely recommend to family & friends”
— CM